We received many awesome submissions, all of which are listed here. The first eight listed are the games that were screened at the event. Other than that, games are listed in no particular order.

Doomed Planet by Nick Sheets (Download for Windows)

Abduct Earthlings without getting shot down!

Dive by namako team (Download for Windows )

Dive as deep as you can, getting air from friendly sea creatures and avoiding squids and sharks.

Dive screenshot

Dodge Club by James Montagna (Download for Windows)

Don’t get bumped.

Bloody Zombies by Petri Purho (Download for Windows)

Mow down zombies and use their blood to get around.

Mr. Heart Loves You Very Much by Jimmy Andrews (Download for Windows)

Really cute puzzle solving.

Passage by Jason Rohrer (Download for Windows)

A journey through time.

Celu by Alec Holowka

Fly up in the air.

By request of the creator, this game is not available for download.

StdBits by Mark Johns (Download for Windows)

Abstract adventuring.

Mazzle by Scott Wilson (Download for Windows requires .NET 2.0 to be installed)

Mind-tweaking puzzle action.

Polar by Bodo Elsel (Download for Windows)

Abstract puzzle-shooter.

Sunset Runner by Daniel Guert (Download for Windows)

Save your friend from being squished by a very long train.

Roku by Lee Byron

Two small puzzle games based on cellular automata.

This game is playable online at LeeByron.com.

256 Seconds by Jeffrey Wacheski (Download for Windows)

Survive a chaotic space shooter landscape for 256 seconds.

Stardust by Stephen Okazawa (Download for Windows)

A 2-player space shooter combination of asteroids, streetfighter, and real particle physics.

Break Invaders by Rob Segal (Download for Windows this game will not run without at least two controllers plugged in)

A two to four player mash-up of breakout and space invaders.

Tight Flight by Matt ( Download for Windows)

Navigate tight corridors in a space ship.

Mondrian Provoked by Jim McGinley (Download for Windows)

Avoid getting crushed by bits of Mondrian paintings.

Pixeldome by Michael Hawker (Download for Windows game will not run without two controllers plugged in)

Score! Collect! Battle!


The rules stipulated that all games must run in Windows XP and use an XBox 360 Controller for Windows as their input. You will have the most success playing these games with that configuration. Some of the creators have also included keyboard control, which is detailed in readme files contained in the game distributions. Some creators have also made builds for Mac and Linux, which can be downloaded from their websites. We are hosting these games for archival purposes and do not intend to act as support for them. Please don’t e-mail Kokoromi asking why a particular game won’t run. If possible, contact the game’s creator.