AltiToad by Tim Winsky and Johanna Arcand (Download for Windows)

The sky’s the limit as AltiToad reaches new heights! Your hopping skills will be tested as you leap from cloud to cloud and hitch a ride from the animals you come across. Clear the skies of pollution or play a timed challenge mode for a high score!


BlottoBrace by Antony Blackett, Corie Geerders, and James Everett (Download for Windows)In Blotto Brace tunnel vision is setting in and it’s collapsing around you, create simple triangles to fill in the empty braces and keep it open long enough to reach the other side.

Blotto Brace 1Blotto Brace 4Blotto Brace 6Blotto Brace 8

The Depths To Which I Sink by Jim McGinley (Download for Windows)Smashing…

The Depths To Which I Sink TitleThe Depths To Which I Sink MainThe Depths To Which I Sink: Rise GameplayThe Depths To Which I Sink: Hoops

Fireflies by Lee Byron and Joannie Wu (Download for Windows and Mac)Fireflies is a game embracing the childhood joy of running through the hills catching fireflies. Sneak outside and fill your jar with the warm glow of fireflies before mom wakes up!

Fireflies Title ScreenFireflies LandscapeFireflies JarfulFireflies Caught

Paper Moon by Infinite Ammo with Adam Saltsman (Download for Windows and Mac)
Infinite Ammo is Alec Holowka, Christopher Lobay, Ian Holowka, and Katie De SousaPaper Moon is the story of a boy and his moon.

Paper Moon TitlePaper Moon ClockPaper Moon CannonsPaper Moon Crescent

super HYPERCUBE by Kokoromi and Polytron (Download for Windows)Enter a world of pure cubes. Enter super hypercube. Clusters of cubes, wall of cubes, cubes in the sky, Oh my!Can you make the shape fit in the hole? That is the question the hypercube asks of you. Will you rise to his challenge and be victorious, or will you fail, and be doomed to obscurity.

Super hypercube is a game about holes, and the cubes that love them by Kokoromi and Polytron. It explores the vast, mostly unexplored tron-like tundra of stereoscopy and head tracking in games.

super HYPERCUBE Gamplay 1super HYPERCUBE Gameplay 2super HYPERCUBE Gameplay 3super HYPERCUBE Gameplay 4

XInvert Z by James Montagna (Download for Windows)Galactic researcher Pixen’s space pod has crash landed on Planet Z! Help Pixen reach her rescue rocket by traveling along the 3D depth changing terrain, and properly swapping polarity for negative or positive charged platforms!

XInvertZ Title ScreenXInvertZ StoryXInvertZ Gameplay

Dimensia by Nick Rudzicz, Josh Goodman, and Yuki Nakamura (Download for Windows)Lights flash red. Alarm klaxons whine. Muffled shouts and gunshots can be heard from the floors above and below. You are Blake Dynamite —Eskimo spy— and five years of imprisonment have come to an end as your Space Nazi captors have themselves come under attack. The door to your cell lies blown open, and escape is at hand. Escape…and revenge!This is roughly analogous to the adventures to be had in “Dimensia,” a puzzle game of spatial geometry and dimensional hijinx. You control POINT, the 0-dimensional man on a mission—a dot meandering on a one-dimensional line, in his heroic attempt to reach…well, to reach the end of the line. Unfortunately, POINT’s progress is impeded by *arbitrary beings from another dimension*, and it’s only by escaping the confines of his uni-dimensional existence that POINT will succeed in getting to the goal. This is a metaphor for personal and emotional growth, btw.

Select geometrical shapes from your personal “Shelf” and place them in the game World to help POINT bypass obstacles, reach the end of the line, and exact revenge on the Space Nazis!

Dimensia Title ScreenDimesia Level 1 WorldDimensia Level 5 WorldDimensia Level 5 Shelf

Falling by Chris McCarthy, Max Nichols, Joel Pelletier, and Asa Gillette (Download for Windows)In Falling, players take control of a young boy who dreams that he is falling through an increasingly surreal skyscape. This dream sky is a busy place, filled with objects of many shapes and sizes. Players must avoid these obstacles and fall through the sky until they land safely back in bed. The primary action is movement, and the gameplay revolves around the need to avoid these obstacles, which come at the player faster and more frequently as the avatar accelerates.

Falling Gameplay 4Falling Gameplay 3Falling Gameplay 2Falling Gameplay 1

Grab the Panda by Joachim Despland (Download for Windows)Grab the Panda is inspired by those crane games where you guide a mechanical claw in order to grab and win a plush toy. The gameplay is based on depth perception.

Grab the Panda Title ScreenGrab the Panda Gameplay 1Grab the Panda Gameplay 2Grab the Panda Gameplay 3

Pillar by Auston Montville (Download for Windows)Pillar is a simple game about choices. Switch between two worlds to explore the Pillar and discern what is real, what is not real, and how you can use this to get what you want. Everything is right in front of you, but keep in mind that situations aren’t always as they appear. Sometimes what you know you should do isn’t always the right answer.

Pillar Title ScreenPillar: The Blue PillPillar: Red World

Scavenger by Nils Deneken and Adam Robezzoli (Download for Windows and Mac)In the Scavenger the player controls a little girl that takes a walk in the forest to collect mushrooms. There are witches in the forest trying to catch the girl. The player’s main goal is to survive and collect as many mushrooms a possible without running into the witches. The game uses an old fashioned cutout fairytale style combined with the red and blue 3D Effect to create a three layers of depth for the player to move on.

Scavenger: TitleScavenger: Gameplay 1Scavenger: Gameplay 2Scavenger Gameplay 3

Space Harriet by Kyle Pulver and Gregory Peng (Download for Windows)In the year 20XX, Space Harriet is trapped in the THIRD DIMENSION. The locals are quite ornery, and will use energy stars and DEPTH DECEPTION to stop you dead. Luckily, Harriet’s armed with her jetpack, trusty hand blaster, and THIRD DIMENSIONAL mines, which explode at a variable distance on what some call the Z-AXIS. That’ll show those baddies some PERSPECTIVE!

Space Harriet Title ScreenSpace Harriet ShootingSpace Harriet Boss

Towards Understanding Relationships by Mike Treanor (Download for Windows)Toward Understanding Relationships is very experimental art game made that was created in an attempt to capture the sensations of the sometimes highly confusing and complicated interactions between two people who love each other.

Towards Understand Relationships Title ScreenTowards Understanding Relationships Gameplay